Bellator Champions Series Paris

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Official Rules & regulations

  • SmartCage™ compiles, captures, analyzes, tracks, measures, evaluates, assesses and provides real-time statistics, bio-metric data (heart rate, energy exerted), performance data (number and speed of punches and kicks), positional data, move-by-move actions, analytics, information, trends, graphic enhancements and voting results about and related to MMA events, entertainment, fighters and audience engagement.
  • Debuted 2021 Season on ESPN2 & ESPN+.
  • Innovative video product/immersive viewing that provides fans and television viewers a game-changing live event experience with real-time data and stats.
  • Enabled by proprietary PFL technology that includes a downloadable software platform, software tools, sensors, electronic receivers, transmitters of electronic signals, LCD displays, computer peripherals and wearable activity trackers.
  • Used for first time in MMA.
  • Endorsed and approved by state athletic commissions.
  • Example of SmartCage™ as currently used and provided to viewers is here and here.
  • Cagenomics™ is the display and dissemination to MMA entertainment fans and viewers of data and stats captured and tracked by SmartCage™.
  • The data and stats displayed by and that comprise Cagenomics™ include: live impact speed, bio-metrics (heart rate, energy exerted), performance (number and speed of punches, kicks and takedowns), positional data, move-by-move actions, cage control, distance traveled.
  • Example of Cagenomics™ as currently used and provided to viewers is here.
  • GhostCam(TM) is the proprietary technology that allows fans to view the action in the SmartCage without the interference of the cage mesh for an "in the cage" viewing experience.
  • Example of GhostCam™ as currently used and provided to viewers is here.