PFL RETURNS TO ATLANTA (Thursday June 8 - 7pm ET)

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The PFL Mission

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) presents MMA for the first time in the sport-season format where individual fighters control their own destiny, competing in a regular season, playoffs, and championship. PFL’s differentiated format and exciting fights sparked breakout growth for the league. PFL events are live in primetime on ESPN2, ESPN+ & ESPN Deportes

MMA Re-Imagined: True Sport Season Format

The PFL Season features elite MMA athletes across six weight classes, including the first-ever 155-pound women’s division, with each fighter having two fights during the PFL Regular Season.

Fighters earn regular season points based on their performance, with 3 points for a win, plus bonus points for knockouts and submissions. Each fighter is then seeded in standings for their weight class based on their point totals.

Following the Regular Season is a single-elimination PFL Playoffs which leads to the PFL World Championship. The winners of each title bout are crowned PFL World Champion of their respective weight class and earn $1 million. Viewers will be delivered next-gen stats never before seen in MMA through the PFL’s proprietary SmartCage™ platform and Cagenomics™ technology.

PFL is backed by an investor group of sports, media, entertainment, and business titans. PFL events are broadcast live in primetime on ESPN, ESPN+ and ESPN Deportes in the United States and distributed to 160 additional countries around the world on premium sports networks.

  • SmartCage™ compiles, captures, analyzes, tracks, measures, evaluates, assesses and provides real-time statistics, bio-metric data (heart rate, energy exerted), performance data (number and speed of punches and kicks), positional data, move-by-move actions, analytics, information, trends, graphic enhancements and voting results about and related to MMA events, entertainment, fighters and audience engagement.
  • Debuted 2021 Season on ESPN2 & ESPN+.
  • Innovative video product/immersive viewing that provides fans and television viewers a game-changing live event experience with real-time data and stats.
  • Enabled by proprietary PFL technology that includes a downloadable software platform, software tools, sensors, electronic receivers, transmitters of electronic signals, LCD displays, computer peripherals and wearable activity trackers.
  • Used for first time in MMA.
  • Endorsed and approved by state athletic commissions.
  • Example of SmartCage™ as currently used and provided to viewers is here and here.
  • Displays live impact speed
  • Tracks total punches, kicks, takedowns
  • Fighter tracking monitors cage control
  • Tracks distance traveled

PFL Fights for Communities

In the Professional Fighters League, we ask "What Do You Fight For?" For many of our elite athletes, the fight is about honor, respect and family. For all of us, the fight is also about community.

The PFL is committed to making a positive impact on the sport of MMA, our partners and our fighters—all well as in the lives and communities of the fans that support us.

U.S. Distribution

Every PFL event featured live in primetime on ESPN Linear and DTC Platforms plue re-airs.


Half-hour pre-event show

4 hour event

Half-hour post-event show

International Distribution

Distributed to 150+ countries


Executive Team

Management Team

Donn Davis
Co-Founder And Chairman

Peter Murray
Chief Executive Officer

George Greenberg
Executive Producer

Ray Sefo
President Fighting Operations

Jim Bramson
EVP Business Affairs and General Counsel

Board of Directors

Donn Davis Co-Founder & Chairman Of The Board

Mark Leschly Co-Founder & Board Member

Peter Murray Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

Russ Ramsey Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Nate Redleaf Board Member

Ted Segal Board Member

Derek Chang Board Member

Alex Rodriguez Board Member

Daniel Leff Board Member

Ara Cohen Board Member

Strategic Advisors

Mark Burnett MGM, Television Group & Digital

John Fahey Chairman, Time Inc.

David Hill President, Hilly Productions

Steve Mosko Former Chairman, Sony Television